LIDEA JUST FITS - Swimwear with unconditional comfort

LIDEA provides unconditional comfort in swimwear. Fit expertise is combined with a consistently thoughtful development and the diversity of design. Product competence turns into style, experienced tradition leads to incomparable comfort in every cup size. Every LIDEA collection puts this claim into practice anew: Bikinis and swimsuits from Cup A to H in the support levels light, medium and extra. The majority of the fabrics used are made from recycled materials. In addition, with the Capsule Collection LIDEA ECO SHAPE, the swimwear brand lives an understanding of sustainability that is implemented holistically from the thread to the hang tag.

Where do we want to go? Which values are important to us? Who is at our side? Care is at the very heart of our thoughts. Feeling good about ourselves, but also caring for the planet, living with community - In times of uncertainty and lack of consistency, we set priorities. It's about family, friendship and connectivity. We move from the self to the us, from the spontaneity of the moment to the responsibility for what is to come. The collection S/S 2024 focuses on genuine favorite pieces and has an even stronger modular structure. Both aspects are shown exemplarily in the new NOS program THE CORE: sustainable fabric, concentrated design and absolute comfort in fabrics and silhouettes are at its heart. The sustainability of the entire collection is particularly expressed through the focus on cross-seasonal products and timeless silhouettes. Overall, the proportion of sustainable fabrics has once again been significantly increased. LIDEA ECO SHAPE presents the new colour lush lime, a saturated but fresh green. The collection's colour palette is on the one hand a bubbly, radiant hues that represent pure joie de vivre, and on the other, balancing, calming earth tones that represent emotional reliability. In newly developed styles, special emphasis was placed on blending functional interior architecture with maximum comfort.